• Assist Slipper Clutch

    The assist slipper clutch contributes to reducing the operating load of the clutch lever, thus reducing rear wheel hopping and resulting in a comfortable and smoother ride.

    Fully LCD Digital Meter

    Fully LCD digital meter improves visibility and impart a wealth of information, such as gear position, fuel consumption, riding mode, and more for the best performance.

    Double-Layered Dual LED Headlights

    The dual LED headlights, which is the identity of the CBR series, give an aggressive impression.

    Inverted Front Fork
    Stylish and high quality inverted front fork. The rear monoshock is equipped with a 5-step preload adjustment mechanism.

    Throttle-by-wire system controls the opening of the throttle via an electric signal for precision to ensure stable acceleration.

    Aluminium Swingarm
    Lightweight aluminium swingarm with Gravity Die Casting provides the CBR250RR with the strength and feel of a Big Bike.

    3-Step Riding Modes
    Utilising the electronically controlled throttle-by-wire system, three riding modes can be selected according to riding style: Sport: Standard mode to enjoy an all-round sports ride. Sport +: Travelling mode that emphasises powerful acceleration. Comfort: Suitable running mode for a comfort-oriented ride such as during tandem.

    Quick Shifter
    Specially-designed quick shifter that controls fuel injection and ignition timings via electronic signals in order to realise quicker and more precise shift changes.

    Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
    Wave-shaped Disc brakes equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) to improve confidence during braking.

    Dual Exhaust System
    Novel dual exhaust design, developed with particular attention to the exhaust sound. The exhaust sound is powerful in the low rev range and dramatic in the middle to high rev range, reminiscent of a racing machine.

    Honda CBR250RR ABS

    • Brand: Honda
    • Product Code: Honda CBR250RR ABS
    • Availability: In Stock
    • RM476.00 / mth

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